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    Today's kids or teens (hearafter, learners) will face a greater challenge in the age of AI (Artificial Intelligence). To be successful in the world that changes more rapidly than ever before, they have to learn to make innovative solutions for a variety of complex problems. Coding or programming is a skill that helps children to solve such problems efficiently.

In Fluo Labs Coding Academy learners learn coding by creating games or animations. Depending on their coding level or background, through projects they learn Scratch, Python, Processing, p5, or JavaScript in a small group settings with a lot of interaction with an instructor and peers.

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Our goal is not just to deliver technical skills of coding to learners but to boost their creativity and build strong computational thinking while solving various problems. We also encourge them to apply coding to their own problems they face every day such as studying vocaburary or understanding mathmatical concepts. Coding is a great tool, but if they don't use it in their daily lives, they easily forget after all!

For anyone to learn coding is a process that takes time because one needs to first master vocaburary and grammar of programming language in order to be able to code comfortably. Thus our curriculum is organized to gradually improve fundamental concepts or coding skills for children in the long run, avoiding a short-term-intensive-coding-camp style, while increasing their interest about the subject.

Coding sounds a bit hard, but learning coding is actually very fun. There are many exciting projects or games ready for every coding background. However, the course content is also dynamic and open to children's new or fun ideas, we together in class can make the ideas become a reality through coding.

We cordially invite you to join this awesome world of coding at Fluo Labs Coding Academy!