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Coding, Creative Way of Learning!

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    Coding is how we communicate with computers. Sometimes it is called computer programming. Once it was a tool only for a limited people such as a computer geek who likes to hack a computer or a software developer who makes various apps with a keen knowlege of computer science. But not anymore! With a fast advacement of various friendly coding tools, coding can be anyone's friend who likes to explore the exciting world of digital which already available rightfully in anyone's own hand or home.

When learning coding in young age, systematic learning with a qualified teacher is very important. Depending on how you take, it can be a high mountain only skillfull hikers can climb or a toddler's toy which easily gets bored in a couple of days. In Fluo Labs Coding Academy we stress the balance of academics and fun activities; students not only build exciting games but also challeged with sophiticated algorithms or high mathmatical concepts. Coding can be learned visually, yes, without typing anything (Scratch or Blockly). Or it can be text based with programming languages like Python, Processing, Java or JavaScript. More interestingly, both approaches can be simultaneously used for a certain task!

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Our goal is not just to deliver technical skills of coding but to motivate new ideas and build strong computational thinking ability while wrestling various problems. We also encourge students to apply coding to their own problems they face every day such as studying vocaburary or understanding mathmatical concepts. Coding is a great tool, but if they don't use it in their daily lives, they easily forget after all!

To learn coding is really exciting but also it's a process that takes time in order to be able to freely make one's dream into a reality in a digital canvas. Fluo Labs Coding Academy is here to help students and be a true companion for such a long journey while increasing their interest about the coding not wandering in the fast developing clouds of technology.

We cordially invite you to join this awesome world of coding at Fluo Labs Coding Academy!