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Summer Schedule: Tue. 6/6 - Sat. 7/29 (8 weeks)

Fall Schedule: Sat. 8/12 - Fri. 12/22 (20 weeks)

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  • Coding Classes

Mon. Tue. Thr. Fri. Sat.
  Coding 101E/M
Coding 201M/H
  Coding 101E/M
Coding 201M/H

(E)lementary/(M)iddle/(H) School

  • Coding Course Level

Course Level Coding Level Language/Skills
Coding 101 Beginner Scratch, GameLab(Visual Javascript), Typing, Games, Animations
Coding 201 Intermediate GameLab(Javascript), P5(Javascript), Processing(Python), Advanced Scratch,
Games/Animations, Word/Math Games
Coding 301 Advanced Certification/Portfolio, Java, JavaScript, Web Apps, Game Development,
Processing/P5, Graph/Data Analysis

* Make-up policy: The course is provided as a class with an qualified instructor and peers. So it is very important for learners to come on time and not to miss any class. However, for a certain unusual circumstance, a make-up class can be pre-arragned for a limited time only if it is informed to the instructor 24 hours before the class. It can be an alternative class on other days or individual 30 min. lesson. If there is no alternative, the class material is also available on-line for self study.